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Partner Success

Effective immediately, NGMSA is pleased to announce its subcontractors’ registration for industrial security and critical infrastructure protection projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Registering your business is the first step to allow us to validate your organization's capabilities and ensure compliance with NGMSA program's execution requirements.

Subcontractors Registration

To participate in bidding on any new NGMSA announced security project opportunities, please submit your company profile to NGMSA Contracts & Subcontracts Registration email:


Potential subcontractor expertise shall be specialized in the following scope elements:

  • Civil, Construction, OSP/ISP

  • Roads and Asphalt

  • Telecommunication, Electrical, or MEP

  • Security systems

  • Fire Alarm & Safety Systems

  • Manpower/Equipment Supplier

  • Engineering Firms, GES, or GES+


NGMSA Contracting Sector will further communicate the prequalification process to complete successful registration upon initial screening.  NGMSA Contracting Sector is dedicated to providing its business partners with clear and risk-free contracts on time and at competitive costs by applying fair procurement practices.

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