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Since NGMSA was founded in 1996, the company has managed to maintain steady growth and expand its portfolio of services to our clients with focus and emphasis on providing state of the art systems and solutions pertaining to critical infrastructure protection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. NGMSA relies on its most important asset “it's workforce” and by combining experience, talent, ‏ know-how, and consistent technology monitoring, the company continues to have a growing list of satisfied customers.


At NGMSA our strength stems from our passion to provide our customers superior services at a great value and through true partnership with our customers, NGMSA will continue to provide all security-related systems and services to meet our customer's changing needs. As we move into the future we will also continue to focus on our commitment to the community and our promise to be an active vehicle in helping reach the 2030 vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to serve as the leading provider of security-related systems and services.


Dr. Mamdouh Ghazzawi


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