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Portable Security Solution

Portable Security Solution

Portable Security Solution for rapid deployment.

As safety comes first, it is essential to sustain and develop the most advanced and livable environment for the next generation to ensure life’s safety and build a resilient society ready to face all types of hazards, we need to face threats with pensive safety measures, in parallel with compatible instruments, which assure by its perfect deployment, the safest circumference.


This invention can be tailored upon need and requests to provide every single physical security rapid deployment needed for the Oil and Gas sector, Governmental Agencies, large companies, Hospitality, Residential Projects, and temporary events.


This is what Portable Security Solution (PSS) for rapid deployment is all about. It is capable to connect using wireless, fiber, or LAN Cables.



Telephone: +966 13 510 9625


Business Hours

 Sunday - Thursday 08:00 - 17:00 

 New Generation Mission Systems Arabia
Downtown Complex, Building D
King Faisal Road
P.O. Box 31188 – Al-Khobar 31952
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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